AC-Free Ways To Cool Your House This Summer

Justyn Harrison By Justyn Harrison December 28th

Australia is forecast to have an El Niño summer, which will see warmer and drier conditions than the last couple of years combined. We have listed some ways to keep your house cool during the year without having to turn on the Air Conditioner.

Read on for our top 5 tips AC-Free tips!

1. Block the sun

Block-out blinds are a great way to reduce the temperature in your home this summer.

They act as a physical barrier to the heat and reduce light, which is proven to cool your home. Block-out blinds can fit a range of budgets and be installed in a way that remains renter-friendly, adapting to any style of home.

If we have to talk about the science, we recommend seeking out thermal blinds. These blinds have a specialised backing that acts as an insulator, creating a barrier between the window and the room.

Wanting to do a DIY blind install? Check out a video here 

2. Optimise your ceiling fan

Summer mode activate! Did you know that almost every ceiling fan has a winter and summer setting?

The ‘Summer’ setting turns counter-clockwise and pushes cold air downwards, meaning cooler temperatures for your home. Most times these switches can be found on the base of the fan or on its remote.

This is a great way to achieve quick results and optimise your fan usage, thank us later!

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3. Position your standing fan

Don’t worry, we’re not just telling you to switch your fan on and pray all will be alright. We’re telling you to create crossways that would make the Wizard of Oz tornado jealous.

By positioning a standing fan right next to (but blowing away from) open doors and windows you are utilising the natural breeze to cool your home, this forces cooler air to travel through your living space providing you with peace and comfort. The more you increase this airspeed the faster your house’s internal temperature will drop!

4. Circulate the air

Did you know you can buy air circulators for under $50? These little machines contain the appropriate aerodynamics to properly regulate the temperature of your room. They work by sucking in air like a jet engine in reverse and distributing it around your living space.

We haven’t told you the best part! With air circulators you don’t need to be sitting directly in front of it to feel its cooling effects, it is specially designed to create a continuous, cycled airflow for whole-room comfort.

5. Shut your windows

Okay, we will admit that we are starting to sound like our Nonna. However, this trick really works and is inspired by Italian summer. 

Italian summers are HOT, and while this is perfect for a euro holiday, the residents of Italy have developed the perfect tips and tricks for keeping their homes cool on a budget. It is rumoured that in Italy everyone shuts their windows in the morning, only opening them up to let fresh, cool air in at night. GENIUS!

When you think about it, it truly makes sense – why cool a hot home when you can stop it from getting hot in the first place? By not allowing hot air (and light) to enter your home you are keeping it drastically cooler throughout the day. When in Rome….

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Justyn Harrison
Justyn Harrison