Budget-friendly Ways to Keep Your House Warm in the Australian Winter

Justyn Harrison By Justyn Harrison March 28th

The recent cool change has reminded us that the cold Australian winter is well on its way. 

Turning on your space heater, relying on your radiator or praying for the central heating to work may not be the cheapest way or most efficient way to warm your home. We have highlighted our top free or cost-effective ways to keep your home cozy, with the inclusion of some Australian-based brands! 

Read on to combat heating costs and winter frost 

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Free ways to keep your home warm in Australia

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, we know you are looking for the cheapest way to reduce heat loss in your home, and your energy bills. Luckily, our list is curated to keep the cold air away and make the hot air stay!

1. Clean your Heat Pump & Maintain your heater.

It doesn’t matter if you use an electric heater or gas heater, maintenance is key to remaining energy efficient. Regularly cleaning your heating system allows for better airflow and improves air quality. This maintenance means you can not only heat your home more efficiently but will cut down your energy bills and lower your system’s running costs.

There are plenty of free DIY or how-to videos available online that outline how to clean your specific heating system. We do however advise seeking out a professional to do so, at a cost, if you are not experienced in heater maintenance. 

2. Shut your doors and vents!

The easiest way to reduce heat loss (no matter your preferred heating option) is to trap the hot air in. It doesn’t matter how powerful your gas heaters or electric heaters are they have nothing against the Australian climate.

Closing your doors and shutting your vents and windows on winter days may be the cheapest way to keep the energy bills low and the good vibes high. They create a physical barrier against cold air and also reduce heat loss!


Open your doors and vents when the sun comes back out. This will heat your home much quicker, keeping you nice and warm! How’s that for being energy efficient!

3. Close your curtains and blinds

Before you look through different heating options or buy a portable electric heater (with a large upfront cost) remember to return to the basics. Closing your curtains and blinds during the chilly Australian winter is an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to reduce heat loss in your home.

Sustainability Victoria highlights that compared to the same area of an insulated wall, a single pane of glass can lose nearly ten times as much heat – making window protection a key component to creating a strong insulating layer inside your home. It is a great cost-effective way to lower your electricity bill and warm your home before seeking alternative heating options.

The graph below shows the efficiency of closing your curtains

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Budget Friendly ways to keep your home warm in Australia

1. Draught Excluders

In terms of DIY, draught excluders may be the cheapest way to optimise home heating and keep your humble abode cozy during winter in Australia. Sustainability Victoria states that “Up to 25% of winter heat loss from existing houses is caused by air leakage”. 

Luckily, draught excluders are designed to keep air (in this case what feels like Antarctic frost) from entering a room through gaps around windows and doorframes. It does this by physically blocking the cold air out and locking the hot air in. 

They are available in two forms at Bunning Australia (which is quintessentially as Australian as Fairy bread or Veggiemite on toast) as either Self Adhesive Weather Strips or Fabric Stoppers. No matter which one you choose you have the perfect recipe for becoming more energy efficient, reducing your energy bills and optimising your home’s heating.

2. Window Film

Have a little more room in the budget? Consider Window film. Known in our office as the draught excluder’s big brother, sharing the same goals but just doing it a little bit better.

Whilst, it may not be the cheapest way to kick the cold, it is very budget-friendly at around $30 per roll at Bunnings. Window film will have your home trapped full of warm air, you may even use the air con or ceiling fan 😉

3. Hot water bottles

We are fully aware we sound like our mum, but chucking your socks on and cuddling up to a hot water bottle has to be one of the best hacks around to bust your heating bills and stay nice and warm (as long as you keep your heating system off)

However, unlike Mum, we do advise that you invest in some upgrades from the hot water bottles of the 60’s. Technology (and safety standards) have advanced since then and nowadays you can source affordable, aesthetic and safer hot water bottles than what was previously on the market. Hot water bottles are not only more energy-efficient than electric heating and wayyy better for your power bill, but take you down the nostalgic path of running back to the TV before the ads end or mum tucking you into bed when you are sick, pure bliss.

Now you are all ready to face the Australian winter! If you are looking for other ways to keep life easy and cost-effective, our FREE service takes utilities off your to-do list and ensures you can get connected in one call or online. Tap the button below to begin your stress-free era.

Justyn Harrison
Justyn Harrison