Electricity Connections & Disconnections When Moving

Joshua Chadwick By Joshua Chadwick March 11th

There’s a lot that goes into moving home that you don’t initially think about when putting together a moving checklist

While there are some things you can let fall to the wayside, there’s one thing you can’t let slip from your mind, and that’s the disconnection and subsequent reconnection of your utilities.

This process can be overwhelming, as the current providers you used before the move may not be as accessible for your new address (unless you’re not moving very far, in which should be a seamless process).

Thankfully, at MyConnect, we know a thing or two about utilities and are more than happy to take the reigns from here, as well as explain how to disconnect and reconnect your utilities when moving.

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Disconnecting Your Energy Connection

When it comes to utilities, the power won’t simply stop running once you leave with all your belongings.

Your mind may only be focused on ensuring the electricity is running in your new home, but planning when and how to disconnect the power at your old address is just as important.

To disconnect your utilities, first, contact your existing utility provider/s and let them know you’re going to move house. 

Once your energy distributor has cut off your old property, you’ll receive a final bill, as well as a request to check your meter. The changeover will only proceed once your meter has been read, so ensure it is accessible within the coming business days.

It also goes without saying that you must pay the final bill you receive, as your payment of the energy bill must be verified before any disconnection occurs.

Timing the Disconnection

On one hand, you may hold off on disconnecting your power in the worry that you’ll pull the trigger too early or your moving date may be pushed back. On the other hand, these suspicions could hold true and get you into a whole new dilemma.

This is why it’s important to watch when you follow through with disconnecting, and why it’s best to disconnect the power in your old home once you’re in your new home and the property is ready for handover.

It’s also important to give your energy provider plenty of notice that you intend to disconnect your utilities, as they’ll have to arrange for somebody to head out there to check your meter. A week is a safe bet but provide at minimum a 3-4 business day notice.

If you’re not living on your own and are instead leaving a shared house, all you’ll need to do is notify your provider that there’ll be a change of address. If the account is under your name, ensure another housemate is set up to become the new account holder.

Lastly, don’t forget to get your security deposit back as you’re leaving the contract. If you’re leaving the lease and haven’t yet told the landlord, check out our blog on preparing the perfect notice letter to your landlord here.

Reconnecting Electricity

This is where the real bread and butter lies, as this is what ensures power keeps running once you’re in your new property.

You’ll need to apply for a new utility connection, which should be no surprise if you connected to the old address. Be cautious if you’re going with a new provider, as every provider differentiates in policies so things may vary from the regular process that you’re privy to.

Be sure to have forms of ID handy, as the energy retailer will need verification for any disconnection or reconnection you’re planning to go ahead with.

If you’ve arranged for your power to be connected while you’re not at the property, ensure there is safe access to the energy meters. This is only the case for outdoor energy meters, as an indoor meter will require that you’re present for your home electricity connection.

Once your power is connected, you can compare your first bill to the rest of Australia, by checking out our article on the average electricity bill in Australia here.

Selecting the Best Provider

When it comes to energy providers, you’re almost spoilt for choice, which is both brilliant and overwhelming.

It can be tough to choose from and even more difficult to manage while you research every energy provider you can, but that’s where we can assist you.

At MyConnect, we’re a team of Aussies who will look after your connection needs… and the best bit about our service is that it’s free!

Here are three other ways we can make your life easier:

  • We save you time – utilities connected in 1 call
  • We have the best service providers – so you’ll only select from Australia’s #1 service providers
  • We’re a 100% Australian-based service – we’ll lay out the plans available, who you choose is your call

Connecting electricity is a big hassle on your own, so let us take the stress off your shoulders and lend a hand. If you’re still unconvinced, we have over 1800+ Google reviews from happy customers who were in your position, so get connected today!

All residents from Victoria, Queensland, NSW, and South Australia can get connected today.

If you need help getting your utilities connected sorted, please call MyConnect on 1300 854 478 or use the Get Connected form here! If you’re unsure about using a utility connection company, this post here can assist you.

Joshua Chadwick
Joshua Chadwick