Energy Exhaustion – Troubleshooting Electricity Bills Online

Joshua Chadwick By Joshua Chadwick March 11th

There are very few things in life that can compare to the initial shock of opening a high energy bill.

Energy bills can often fluctuate in price. This may be a result of the weather or even a longer billing period in your electricity plans or gas plans. 

The shock of a high energy bill can lead to a rushed Google electricity online search and a heavy scope on your smart meter but taking a step back and assessing what’s causing the high price tag to appear each month will end up being the best answer.

Here at MyConnect, we’re here to help assess that issue and troubleshoot your high energy bill, to help you stay savvy with your energy-saving and come up with energy solutions.

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Compare the Seasons

You may be asking yourself why is your energy bill much higher than your previous bill? A typical reason for this change is varying temperatures, typically with changes in season.

In Australia, a warm November compared to a toasty Australian December will change your energy consumption. Hotter weather typically translates to higher usage of air conditioners and fans (so it’s not just power outages you need to look out for). The same goes for colder weather and the use of heaters.

Because of this, don’t focus on the price of your energy bill from last month. Instead, compare the price of your current bill with a bill from the same time last year in your energy account.

Monitor the Water

Typically, the biggest energy user in most homes is hot water. Hot water can be utilised in many ways, ranging from washing the dishes, cleaning clothes, showers, etc.

Cutting back on hot water usage can help to minimise a high energy bill. Cutting shower time and washing dishes and clothes with cold water help reduce hot water usage greatly.

Another common issue is leaking in the hot water pipe, causing hot water to be used all day. Ensure you check the pipes for any leaks, especially closer to the hot water tank. Leaks close to the hot water tank are the most common area of leakage.

Different Billing Periods

As previously stated with the weather, billing can fluctuate with the time of year. This can range from shorter months or prices changing through the energy companies.

The 1st of January and the 1st of July is typically a time when energy usage changes. If this time frame is a part of your billing period it will fluctuate the prices greatly. July is also a good example of outside factors causing your bill to be high. This month is colder which, as stated above, causes higher heater and hot water use.

July is also a part of winter, which covers the shortest days of the year. This then causes more lighting demand and a higher time of use, as it becomes darker quicker.

Check for Energy Estimations

When it comes to electricity bills, often you’ll get an estimated bill. An estimation occurs when an energy meter has not been checked for some time. This estimation bill is based on previous bills but comes with a nasty surprise.

What follows is a correction bill, which could include a catch-up amount. This can cause your bill to be unusually large, so it’s important to be aware.

Check your bill to ensure it is or isn’t an estimated amount. If you don’t want a further estimated energy bill, request a meter reading. You can even take a reading yourself and phone it in if needed.

Be sure to assess energy estimations in your own area, as each state can vary in pricing. Electricity bills in Victoria may not be the same as in New South Wales, and Queensland won’t be the same as in South Australia. This can even be the case for NSW and ACT, even though they’re very close to each other.

Determine the Best Provider

If there is still outrage with your current energy retailer despite monitoring your energy bill, then it may be time to assess the market and go with a new energy plan, with one that suits you better.

When it comes to energy providers, you’re almost spoilt for choice, which is both brilliant and overwhelming.

It can be tough to choose from and even more difficult to manage while you research every energy distributor you can, but that’s where we can assist you.

At MyConnect, we’re a team of Aussies who will look after your connection needs… and the best bit about our service is that it’s free!

Here are three other ways we can make your life easier:

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We’re a 100% Australian-based service – we’ll lay out the plans available, and who you choose is your call

Connecting electricity is a big hassle on your own, so let us take the stress off your shoulders and lend a hand. If you’re still unconvinced, we have over 1800+ Google reviews from happy customers who were in your position, so get connected today!

All residents from Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia can get connected today.

If you need help getting your electricity online or your utilities connected, please call MyConnect on 1300 854 478 or use the Get Connected form here! If you’re unsure about using a utility connection company, this post here can assist you.

Joshua Chadwick
Joshua Chadwick