Handling conflict as a Property Manager

Joshua Chadwick By Joshua Chadwick March 11th

One of the most common yet unpredictable issues that occurs in property management is conflict that develops between landlords and tenants.

Here are some tips on conflict resolution and how to.

Here are some tips on conflict resolution and how to resolve a dispute as a property manager.

Understand the situation

Most conflicts that arise stem from one party believing they are owed something from the other party, and whether it be a difficult landlord or tenant, property managers must attempt to mediate the situation.

Keeping an open ear to both parties and listening to both sides of the story will assist in your understanding of what the issue is, and how to handle it from there.

Lay out the facts and records

Once you understand the problem and are in open communications with all parties, it is then time to resolve the issues. The most efficient way of doing this is through proper recording and communication of the facts you know.

For instance, a common issue that may occur is a claim for receiving a bond back. As a property manager, having the information regarding the condition of the property prior to the tenant’s stay, as well as any issues that have occurred since is a great leverage tool to prevent any escalation in a dispute.

Keeping records of any communication and action that occurs when dealing with all parties is crucial should issues escalate and you require evidence to justify the steps taken.

Keep calm and watch your emotions

In dealing with conflict, it is important to stay calm, regardless of how the other party may be reacting. Unfortunately, you are likely the first point of contact and therefore will be on the receiving end of most grievances that arise between parties.

In situations like these, it’s important to separate the person from the problem, and target the problem itself, rather than seeing the person as the issue.

While it may be difficult, try to quell your emotions in these situations, as anger will not resolve anything and will likely draw out the conflict unnecessarily. Be empathetic when listening to the grievances of each party, then handle the situation with a calm demeanor.

Joshua Chadwick
Joshua Chadwick