Prepare your home for your Holiday!

Joshua Chadwick By Joshua Chadwick March 11th

It’s summer time! What a wonderful time of year. Warm sunny days, Christmas, New Years and Holidays.

If you are going away, your mind is likely to be a thousand miles away from here (most likely on a beach somewhere). Often when people are distracted they tend to forget things. Forgetting your phone charger might not mean the end of the world but forgetting to holiday proof your home might. Once you have all your things together you must also remember to prepare your house for your absence.

It’s always a good idea to make a check list. Your checklist can include all the things you need to take with you but also all the things you need to organise in your home prior to going away.

Lock down your home

First things first, this one seems needless to say, but make sure you lock up all entry points in your home. Your windows as well as your doors should be fastened shut. The checklist should help with the moment of doubt when you are an hour away from home and question whether you locked your doors.

Organise your finances

Make sure you pay any bills in advance. Avoid the stress of having to pay bills while your away or even further stress of late fees.

Tie down loose ends

Bring any loose items that you keep outside, inside. This is the best way to be prepared for thunderstorms or particularly windy days. You don’t want your garden chairs going flying down the street.

Energy bill burglars

Light motion sensors are a good way to keep burglars away but be aware that your energy bill can rob you as well. There are ways to avoid unnecessary energy costs while you are out of town. Make sure all of your appliances are turned OFF before you leave. Some appliances can still suck up energy while they are turned off, so to be extra cautious, you should switch appliances off from the wall or even unplug them entirely. You might also like to look into automatic timers that can turn lights on and off to make your house look occupied.

Keep your home odour-free

Make sure to throw away any food that will expire while you are gone. There is nothing worse than coming back from your relaxing holiday to spoilt milk in your fridge. I would highly recommend a thorough clean of your house prior to leaving, any small spills can also cause odours. Try to avoid leaving stagnant water anywhere around the house, that includes in the sink, dishwasher, shower and bathtubs.

Prepare your post

It’s always great if you have a trusted neighbour, family or friend who is willing to check into your home to make sure everything is as you left it and to pick up your mail. If you don’t have anyone popping in to pick up your mail, you should call the post office and get them to put your mail on hold. A pile of mail will make it obvious that no one is home.

Stay stress free on your holiday by following these house-keeping tips from MyConnect!

Joshua Chadwick
Joshua Chadwick