Top Tips For International Students Moving To Australia

Justyn Harrison By Justyn Harrison November 30th

We will admit that moving is hard. However, at MyConnect we are all about ensuring everyone has a fast, easy and smooth move. That’s why we have curated our top 5 tips, tricks and more for International students wanting to move to Australia!

From transportation to banking, we have you covered. Read on so you are ready for the next big step

1. Accommodation 

Depending on your preferences, budget and lifestyle you have a wide range of accommodation options in Australia. 

You can choose from university dorms, shared houses, private rentals or homestays. Whatever way you choose to stay, we recommend setting up an accommodation option before you arrive in Australia.

See some pros and cons of housing options below!

It’s important to remember that depending on your type of accommodation, MyConnect can connect all your utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity, Internet, Pay TV and more!) in one quick call or online. We also offer a translation service across all our calls, available in every language!

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2. University Orientation

University orientation, typically called o-week, is a dedicated period of the academic calendar that focuses on introducing new students to their university.

This week (typically before classes start) is a great time for you to socialise, attend free events and explore the campus! It allows you to spend time meeting new people and familiarizing yourself with your surroundings.

Some universities even have specialised days, talks and meet and greets for international students – be sure to check with your school to find out more.

Bonus tip!

This is a great time to scope out school clubs you may be interested in. Clubs are a great way to make friends with like-minded people.

3. Phone

Moving to a new country can be daunting, we want to be sure that you can stay connected with your family at home, and all the new friends you make once arriving in Australia.

You can get a local SIM card by researching the plans of different Australian providers, many also have student discounts available.

Don’t know where to start? MyConnect partners with Optus, Telstra and Dodo. Three Australian telecommunication companies with great coverage and cost-effective plans.

4. Bank account

It is far more practical to open up an Australian bank account to manage your funds whilst you are in the country.

This will become especially helpful if you are wanting to take up employment while you are here. If you are working in Australia it is important to apply for a TFN (Tax file number) before you begin your employment as without a TFN, 46.5% of your wages will be withheld by the Australian government.

Did you know?

Most of Australia’s larger banks have student account options, with added benefits such as $0 monthly account fees.

5. Transportation

Whether you choose a car, bus, e-scooter, skateboard or rocketship – there are many ways to travel in Australia.

We believe the most cost-effective and sustainable way to travel is through our public transport system. To do this you will need to buy a public transportation card.

These cards vary by state, see below to ensure you have the right card wherever you land!

Note: In New South Wales (areas such as Sydney) you can use your banking card to access public transport, no specialised card is needed!

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Justyn Harrison
Justyn Harrison