Working Through COVID-19

Joshua Chadwick By Joshua Chadwick March 11th

Currently, the world is being impacted by the pandemic dubbed COVID-19, or coronavirus as it is commonly known, causing many disruptions to daily life and business activities in hopes of containing the outbreak. 

A strand of business that has been affected by COVID-19 is of course real estate agencies and property managers as a whole. Due to the restrictions of daily life currently being implemented, conducting routine inspections, marketing properties and following up on maintenance issues can prove quite difficult. 

However, property managers across the country are continuing their businesses and working around these restrictions, while adhering to the guidelines set in place. Here is our take on staying safe and continuing to work through COVID-19 while being a property manager. 

Staying Hygienic

To get things started, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has stated that like most diseases, the infection process can be prevented through basic protective measures. This ranges from washing your hands frequently for 20 seconds, with water and soap or hand sanitiser if you are on the move. 

Social distancing is a key one as well, with a minimum of 1.5m between yourself and others being heavily suggested at this current time. Also, avoid making contact with your face at this time, as the bacteria that can be gained from touch can be transported from your hand through your respiratory system. 

Lastly, if you are beginning to feel unwell, be sure to seek medical attention early and avoid making any contact with others at this time. 

Handling Things Virtually 

Now that hygiene is established, it’s time to move onto a business perspective. While it may be difficult to adjust to initially, consider conducting inspections and property marketing virtually.  

Through modern technologies like Skype, Zoom and social media sites, you are able to log video calls with tenants and ask them to walk through the property like you normally would and highlight different areas you would like to see on a normal inspection.  

If you trust your tenants at this time, you can also provide them with a checklist of areas you would like images of for inspection, and have them send images via email when the inspection date arrives. 

Using the aforementioned web programs, marketing properties during this pandemic can be assisted with video. Consider filming video tours or property listings for your open for inspections (OFIs) once a property is vacated. Providing as much detail as possible will allow a greater picture for a potential tenant to observe without having to leave the comfort of their home. 

Assisting your Tenants 

These uncertain times can bring a sense of worry and panic from tenants, from need of basic necessities to worry of their income and more. In a circumstance such as this, it’s important to understand those around you and their current living situation. Take the time out to get a better understanding of how your tenants are holding up and provide assistance when possible. 

This can be as simple as a 10-minute chat or even extending a hand and assisting with purchasing basic necessities. This can be extended to your landlords, suppliers and more, and will provide a boost to your local business ecosystem and hopefully strengthen the bond between your clientele during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Joshua Chadwick
Joshua Chadwick